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DEBT CONSOLIDATION: Reduce your payments into one low monthly fee

  • Requires Good to Excellent Credit!

  • Overall Cost is Usually Over Twice the Original Debt!

  • Often Requires Collateral Such As Your Home

  • Risk of Losing Your Home If You Fall Behind!

  • There is an Alternative! Debt Invalidation.

Requires Good to Excellent Credit!

In order to qualify for a debt consolidation loan/cash-out refinance loan, the borrower needs to have sufficient equity built up in their home to borrow against, adequate income, and great credit("good" to "excellent".) The consumers credit score can often be a hurdle for many of our customers. This is usually not an option for many consumers struggling with debt as their debt to income ratio is high and often they have already fallen behind on payments. 

There are no credit requirements for enrollment in an Invalidation Program!

Overall Cost is Usually Over Twice the Original Debt!
The terms of repayment of this type of loan can range from 15-30 years, making the overall life of the loan and the time it will take you to pay back the original sum accrued on credit cards several times greater than it would've been if you had explored other options for repayment.  Lets look at an example of $20,000 debt amount with a 15 year and 30 year term and a 12% interest rate. 

                            15 year                                                                                              30 year

Original Debt                      $20,000                                      Original Debt                      $20,000

Annual Percentage Rate   12%                                            Annual Percentage Rate   12%

Monthly Payments             $240.03                                      Monthly Payments             $205.72

Total of Payments              $43,206.05                                 Total of Payments              $74,060.11

Interest Cost                       $23,206.05                                Interest Cost                       $54,060.11

As you can see the final cost of consolidation can be substantial. A debt consolidation loan/cash-out refinance loan isn't necessarily the best remedy for everyone's unsecured debt issues.  Just as debt loads are many and varied, the solutions to remedying these also vary greatly.  For consumers carrying minimal debt (under $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt,) a debt consolidation loan/cash-out refinance loan is far from the best solution available on the market today.  

The cost of Invalidation is from 35%- 40% of the total amount owed. Period!

Often Requires Collateral Such As Your Home

Since debt consolidation loans/cash-out refinance loans require the borrower to put up collateral (in the form of equity accrued in their home) in order to secure the loan at a reasonable interest rate. Since the loan being issued by the bank (for the purposes of paying off credit card debt in full and making only one monthly payment to the bank to repay the debt consolidation loan/cash-out refinance loan issued) turns previously unsecured credit card debt into secureddebt using equity built up in the home as collateral. This means your house is now what the bank uses to make sure you make your payments.

No collateral required for Invalidation.

Risk of Losing Your Home If You Fall Behind!

Failure to make even one of the agreed-upon monthly payments to the bank can jeopardize the home owner's continued possession of their property not to mention having dire affects to the consumer/borrower's credit (if the you the consumer/borrower defaults on the debt consolidation loan/cash-out refinance loan by failing to make the full monthly payment on time, you run the risk of the bank foreclosing on your home in accordance with the terms of the loan.)  Instead of putting your home at risk of foreclosure, contact High Level Debt Solutions today at 1-844-220-9642 to speak to one of our committed Credit Counselors who will evaluate your debt load, at no charge, and offer you viable solutions to help you regain your financial freedom in months instead of years.

No risk of home lose in Invalidation.

Before you jump into an arrangement like this, which will prove both costly and time-consuming in long run, as a  solution to your credit card debt struggles, give High Level Debt Solutions a call at 1-844-220-9642 so one of our highly trained credit counselors can review your debt load and explore some different options that will save you time, money, and headaches so you can get on the road to financial recovery in less time than you think (12-48 months for most programs.)

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