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​Are you overwhelmed by mounting credit card debt?  Are you tired of most of your monthly payments going towards high interest rates instead of paying down the principal?  If so, we have the solution for you. 

If you're asking, "can debt relief help me?" then you've come to the right website. If you are intent on resolving your debt once and for all, then it is important to get educated about the various credit relief options available on the market today.  The correct program will depend on the specifics of your situation: how much debt you are carrying, how much you are able to pay (one low monthly payment on a reoccurring date chosen by you), the time frame during which you hope to be out of debt (we offer programs that range in length from 12-48 months.)  Here at High Level Debt Solutions, we can help review your options and tailor a program that best for your needs.

Here are a few of the options for resolving your unsecured debt:

-Continue Making Minimum Payments To All Of Your Current Creditors: Making your minimum payments may keep your credit score in the "fair" to "good" range, but you end up paying several times more than you borrowed in interest over a long period of time.  

-Settlement: also referred to as debt resolution or reduction, is an inexpensive way to resolve your situation while avoiding bankruptcy. Settlement helps you settle the accounts for less than what is owed by attorneys contacting the original creditor/third party collection company to negotiate a reduced settlement for you, the consumer. This is an attorney-based program.  

-Validation/ Invalidation: is an alternative to settlement.  Utilizing consumer protections laws to legally validate/invalidate the consumer's debt with the original creditor and/or third party collection companies.  

-Credit Counseling: This program is best suited to consumers with moderate debt who are not struggling with the minimum payments, but instead are looking to lower their interest rates and the overall amount they will be paying back, long-term

-Consolidation: By obtaining a cash-out refinance loan, using equity in your home, you the consumer could satisfy your credit card debt.  Nowadays, unfortunately however, these cash-out refinance loans are very difficult to qualify for in today's banking market. 

-Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy as a relief option is generally regarded as a last resort due to the long-term negative impact to one's credit score and the limitations that can impose on one's lifestyle. Additionally the government has made these programs much harder to qualify for. 

To find out which type of debt relief is right for you and to obtain a free quote, click the link below now!